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Hand Damage

Guest bradh

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Yesterday I bent my first 40d nail. I have only bent a couple 30d s prior to this so this is all new to me. Anyway, today it hurts to make a fist with my left hand. The pain is in the middle of the palm where the nail was pressing. Did I do something wrong? Does anyone have a recommendation to help it heal? Heat? Ice? All suggestions are appreciated.



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Ice is good, much better than heat in my opinion. I use gel Ice packs on muscle injuries, but for my hands I sometimes fill a container with water and ice cubes. I then just stick my hand into the container. Don't leave it in too long, but you will build up a tolerance over time. The first time I bent a 60-penny I did the same thing. I bent one 60-penny and then tried another. It was the second one that hurt my palm. Oddly, I've never really had that particular injury again.

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