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Pinching With Individual Fingers

Tom of Iowa2

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The owner said the gym was in disarray and weights all over the place and asked if I'd come over to put the weights away and rearrange the dumbells...

I started moving stuff around(they have over 80 -45 pounders and dozens and dozens of 25's 10's,5's. 2.5's.

The plates were everywear(off season baseball players had been in plus a lot of kids.... :angry: )

I started picking up.Had a weird thought and pinched 3,2.5's between my thumb and pinkie(which is such a worthless finger for me)then i pinched 3 tens between my thumb and pointer finger...and gradually played around..as i put things away.Started pinching little plates with various fingers...my hands started feeling pretty good..In fact it's the first time my pinkie really felt like it ever really got worked.

I'm agrip newbie..ok hand strength from work and lifting but new to training them.

Is there any value to this?Is there any records of this?

When done I went to the old style-narrow Milo pinch grip block because it's so smooth.I did some pinkie to thumb pinching until my pinkie ached..and worked the other fingers some more too..gotta tell you THAT finger has never felt like that before...even though the weights were so low that for once I will overlook a detail and not post the number :rolleyes It was pathetic but.....

Was?Is?this a was :whacked te of time???

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Tom, I started grip-training like that, and today I recommend it to guys who haven't started the IronMind collection. I still try to do work my grip like that, as it can be a smoker with the last two fingers. My gym had rubberized plates, so the friction let me work up to some rediculous widths for the stack of 2.5lb weight thumb-pinkie pinch. I even found, that for some weird reason, my thumb-ring pinch was stronger than my thumb-index pinch.

These work outs combined with finger walking a plate will always be a favorite. Hopefully your gym owner friend will need another cleaning soon so you can play again.

PS. If you are intrigued with pinkie-strength, I found that the bucket of sand is a great tool. Grabbing and extending for high reps will cause pinkie-extensor pain like never imagined.

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My fingers are sore/stiff today.FIRST time ever the pinkie was sore or ever felt worked.Ya gotta figure that finger is worth training as it can be of a little assistance with everything.I think the main thing is that I have very little mental 'connection'with that didget...it's 'lazy'as the other fingers are pretty strong and have usually done all the work??and i might as well use it...

Yep clean up at that gym is a great work out....they have a lot of HAMMER strength stuff plus loads of bars and free weights and plates and some really inconsiderate member :angry: which in turn is good for me ;) Plus preloaded dumbells up to 187.5's..picking up 'reguar/narrow'handled dumbells with just part of the fingers is a good work out too.

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Funny, I feel the same way about my nervous connection to my pinky! It's damn lazy :blush

I imagine guitar players might have a higher strength reading in the pinky due to the nervous connection.


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