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New Plan After The Rest


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After having some pain in my left hand, ( due to not warming up before a heavy pinch lift), im going to take about 2 weeks off. then i will start a program as follows. let me know what you think, and if you would make any changes.

monday CoCs

warm up.

2-3 sets of allout sqeeze and holds with the #3. each hand.

tuesday pinch

warm up.

2-4 sets double handed pinch lift with a weight i can hold for about 5 secs.

wed wrist

sledge hammer. levers, and forearm stuff. maybee a stool lift when i feel like it.

this will be done after a bicep/forearm workout of bicep and zottman curls.

thur. no lower arm training.

friday. reapeat cycle.

if you think i could better benefit by adding or subtracting some things let me know.

thanks dave

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It will all depend on your goals; however, if you want good overall grip development those are a great list of exercizes. Give it a try. You may need to take more than one day off though. The only way you will be able to determine how much volume or intensity you can handle is to give it a whirl. Don't be afraid to alter your routiene if, after you start, you find it to be too much. ;) It's always fun to experiment. Be open to the results.


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Complete time off might not do it. Try some active rest via dexterity balls or the Ironmind Snowball. Also do some light pinching. 2 whole weeks off might set you back alot more then it will help you. I lose about 20% after 1 week of compete rest.

As far as your workout goes-what are your overall goals?? If total hand strength is it-I would go 6 days a week with one day off.

On one day do strict thumb work, softball pinch ( I cant say enough about this lift-its effectiveness for me personally has been incredible-for me, it beats any other kinds of pinching HANDS DOWN!), levering of sledges, and maybe some finger walking.

On the next do the grippers (if you cant hold the #3 closed-dont use it. Instead file your #2, or do strap holds with your #2, then do thick wrist roller, and then finger extensions. I am super intense with my grippers so I only do 2 other exercises this day.

Day three-repeat day 1. You will get 3 workouts with the day 1 set and three workouts a week with the day 2 set. Take Sundays off-dont even think about gripping anything.

You dont have to use these exercise-but the format will cover your entire hand.

Just training the exercises once every 4 days will be very slow. The hands heal fast and can tolerate alot of pounding.

Good luck-

Rick Walker :yikes

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