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I was wondering:

i would like to view the video. however i am unable to purchase it at his time, and am not sure if it is worth owning.

if i paid shippig and handleing, would someone from this board be wiling to send their copy to view?

after viewing i would sed it rite back to you. :D

just a thought, if possible

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No, most people aren't going to sent their property to a complete stranger! :ninja

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Yes-that is kinda risky :erm

Someone once asked me to mail him my PDA gripper so he could try it and then he would mail it right back. Again-he was a "stranger" :huh

That is kinda like asking to borrow my wife :angry::angry::dry

Rick Walker :yikes

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lol, geesh from what i have been reading on here guys are always mailing things to eachother, and helping eachother out!

hmm never thought of that. we are here to grip not steal!

thats ok though, no harm in asking. :D

it would be about the most stupid thing you could do, to steel a guys video if hr sent it to ya,......you would be a mock of the grip board!

i could see if one of you was Kinney and i was asking you to let me try your #4,

it could get stolen :yikes:laugh

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Yes-some people do mail things to others-but it is usually someone that has been around and is known. A lot of members have met via grip competitions, the Arnold Classic, the dinner in NJ, or training sessions. Those people are the people who share.

It wouldn't make you a mockery of the board if you got some loot and then disappeared would it?

Rick Walker :yikes

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Guest woody36


You compare borrowing your grippers the same as borrowing

your wife?

Ricks wife "Honeypie, do you love me?"

Rick "Why sure i do honeybun"

Wife "How much do you love me?"

Rick " Well, more than my #2, not as much as my #3, and darling

you got a hell of a ways to go before you catch up on my #4" :yikes

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You forgot to mention my BBE, BBSE, and BBWC. Oh, and you can't forget my PDA 387. :laugh

She knows she ranks higher then my #1 and #2-but beyond that-thats a tough one.

Oh, and you cant forget my PDA Farmers, Atlas, my 18-45 pound plates, Texas Power Bar, cage, York Bar....oh hell, the whole shabang!

She has commented on many occasions that I should have married my weights-I wonder if that is legal :rolleyes

Would that be polygamy? :whistel

Rick Walker :yikes

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We are the boys who love our toys. And our "toys" are da grippers! :happy

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