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:blush took awhile to get a video up but here it is for advice and comments. Video is up but you tube is picking new music for it. Any thoughts on what I could be doing better are appreciated, working on my flexibility.

Thanks in advance Joel

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For starters, you made them look easy with a sloppy technique ;) You'll be up to RED and Bastard level soon once you find your groove ;)

If you're going to start your bends reverse, you actually get more power when the bar is out in front of you. When you have it up on your chest and cranking down like that, you only have one wrist torquing and the other bracing. When they are out in front of you, you can actively torque both wrists and switch your leading hand if needed. It's better for wrist development and for bending bigger stock.

This is a good example of a reverse bend:

Other than that, just work on your flexibility and getting the bar under your chin. I'm no expert, but I know what works for me and a few others as far as flexibility training goes. Try these out for your shoulders:

Shoulder dislocations

(Do these, no excuses, start wide and do them. Everyone I have told about these has had a massive and almost immediate increase in shoulder mobility and strength. Not to mention a disappearance of some pains associated with shoulder tightness. This includes 50 year old men who have been benching like a bodybuilder for 30 years. They might be tough at first, but they'll get easier very quickly.)

Hindu Pushups


Bridge progressions(once you get your shoulders loosened up and strengthened a bit)

Last thing, cut yourself an 8" bar. Wrap up that bar as if you were going to bend it completely DO and then just try to touch it to your neck and chin. Simple as that. Try to reach forward with your chin and pull the bar back up into your neck with your chin.

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Nice bend!. I agree with what Zach said. Congrats! :cool

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Very nice bends! I tried to copy your technique, and couldn't move 5"x1/4" CRS that way. If you can get a high DO kink, I think you'll be much stronger.

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Thanks for the kind words, I have just started doing the shoulder dislocations last week. I have to take a wiiide grip but working on narrowing it every week. Will start with the Hindu pushups this week on grip day or maybe I'll try a few every morning. As I only grip/bend once a week would Hindu pushups do any good once a week? I think the bridge might have to wait until fall when I try to lose fat. The 8" bar is a great idea never would have thought of that on my own.

Thanks for helping and encouraging a newbie.

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