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Kta Advanced Or Intermediate...


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Hey guys, still lurking around since my last posts in august....Been working since

on and off on grip, still having a problem with a bicep/elbow injury because of doing to much pullups

i'm affraid. :( So that's limiting my training for excersizes that involve more heavy pulling and stuff.

BUT that's not why i'm here. Still having fun with some griptraining. My question is: I've recently purchased

the KTA program and it makes a lot of sence when reading. I'm closing the #2 in any setting, but

closing it for more than 3 reps and making it click is still heavy. As for the #3, i can get it around parallel TNS. and with

a good setting even further than that. What do you guys think, would it be better to start the advanced or the intermediate

program? Maybe it's asking for the obvious, but i''m wondering if i would be able to get good OC's on the #2 when the volume

increases after the first week...

thanks you lot

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Check. I had the same idea.....thanks. I'll be starting the program soon, so i'll let you know what my experciences will be..

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