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The Side Effects Of Grippers


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your wrist is huge!

I know I know :D

Keep at it!

Do you use the RT much?

I actually stopped using it after like one week of training because I was afraid that I would hurt my back or something.

I am going to start using it again as soon as I am sure that my form is O.K

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Veinage :D

It's easier for me to see before/after of course :unsure

yeah thats the difference ;) and a little bit muscle size

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I agree his wrist looking pretty muscular. Good job buddy, keep going and don't get hurt :rock :rock

thanks for the motivational words man :D

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Do some wrist curls with a dumbell or some other device. You will blow up your forearms and within one month you will see results!! just 3 or 4 sets once or twice a week will give effect already!! reverse wrist curls are good for your upper forearms, but the size will come from curling man... good luck! and let us know!

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Oh, I totally agree man^ My forearms got massive doing wrist curls, and I didn't even know they were so effective until later on. I just did them cause they were fun :D

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wow, your wrist and hand looks dense as heck.

thanks buddy :D

From my own experience in weight training & gripper training, I would say that the wrists & hands don't get bigger, instead they just develop a better vascular look. The muscles in the forearm are stronger, bigger, and now have better blood flow to the hands.

I haven't noticed any upper forearm development from using grippers but have noticed a DEFINATE increase in overall size of the bottom of the forearm!

I think grippers have carry over to wrist curls (not reverse though) and when you can close bigger grippers with more ease, you can definately wrist curl more weight. I'm not the biggest guy in the gym, but one day this really diesel guy was doing wrist curls with some good weight, I wasn't paying too much attention on the exact amount, I came over to try it and all the sudden I did 15 easy reps! An exercise I've never trained on before but I do have familiarity with the form and movement of it.

I still don't do any training in the gym for forearms (who has time when you're busy working out every single muscle group - chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and doing cardio a few times a week). The only thing I would say I do that hits the forearms is bicep work (which I never get a good pump in the forearm anyway) and reverse curls which I feel the top of the forearm and I think is a great exercise for that area.

Here's a pic of my forearm: http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?autocom...si&img=8602

I would have to say all the size I gained was from training on the grippers for a year and a half!

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What is considered massive for forearms?

Few can get their forearms to grow over twice the circumference of their wrists, measured with arm straight and muscles relaxed.

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thanks for your response guys!

I bend 2 times a week and I think thats the only exercise I need for my wrists, do you think I am right or should I add wrist curls?


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