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The Show Of Hands Grip Cup 4


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Where: Fort Worth area (most likely in my garage)

When: Saturday, April, 11th at 10 A.M.

Entry Fee: $25 (payable via Pay Pal or by check)

Entry Deadline: April 1st


GRIPPERS: A parallel set will be used, with a judge's command being given when a legal set is made.

EURO PINCH: Standard rules apply.

APPOLLON"S AXLE: Iron Mind's 2" axle will be deadlifted to full lockout.

REAR HAMMER LEVER: A loadable hammer will be placed with its head resting on the floor behind the gripster's heels, with the handle tilted forward, and levered to the rear until the handle breaks parallel with the floor. Once the hammer leaves the floor it may not swing forward or drop before the required position is attained. Additionally, the hand may not drop or move forward once the lever is initiated. The knees, must remain locked during the lift.

100 lb. PLATE HOLD: Grasping a plate by the rim in each hand, with the heals of the feet contacting each other, the gripster will deadlift the plates and hold them until one of the plates contacts the floor, at which time the clock will stop. For completing a full deadlift each competitor will be awarded an automatic 60 seconds to their score.


The winner of each event will earn 10 points, with all other finishers receiving a proportionate measure of points based on their performance. The rounds system will be used with three attempts per event, except for the plate hold, for which each competitor will be given one attempt. Dropping down in weight on successive attempts will be allowed.

More details to follow.

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