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Photo Of My Last Do Bends


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just to let u know guys i am LOVINg bending.

started it 45 days ago and it looks like 5 years(because i fell a really "good conection" with the steel and with the "brothers of metal"(U guys!)


UP from left to right

BJC BOLT 5/16"x6" (loved it , hard not sure because i was having an "off day" (end of my routine) or because its one "hard" G2.

SQUARE 1/4"x6"

GRADE 8 BOLT ("LE" top head) 1/4"x6"

GRADE 5 BLACK JH 1/4"x5"

DOWN left to right



p.s- Each bend was done in the same training session.


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thanks Matt!

bending guys maybe dont know but u are my lifetime friend!:-) u were the "first" to teach me "how to bend" thanks for that!

Doug ,

not yet , i thought it was around the shiny level ..its easier?

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NO ....!!!!! my fault!!!

i didnt bend then in the SAME day ....!!!!

i mean i bend red nail monday ...bastard wenesday ...and so on. but monday i finished (was not necessary another day for it) language barrier.sorry guys!!

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Awesome bends Hugo. I've only bent a few pieces but I'm hooked.

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You're really progressing quickly there Hugo! :rock Just think what the line-up will look like a year from now.

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thanks Adam and Perry!!

its interesting your comment Perry ...

i found the progress may look very interesting from now on or a really bad nightmare...

i believe having bending guys supporting me /making fun "challenges"(like i did a few times with Matt,Darin,Mike and u Perry)may helps.

Smart training ,add some variety (training all styles) ... do something else/listening your body/take a few days rest/Deload /doing ISO's ... should be used to add some "boost". i am the type guy that doesnt change anything but now i am starting to become more "mature" and not to be "offraid" to take one step back in oder to make one step further. thanks.


the sky is the limit for u mate ... time to kill some grade 5's. do it its easy for u!

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