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Some observations on hand size and grip strength

Guest ML67

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Last night, my wife’s son tried out a few of my grip toys. He is a 6’6” 235 lb 18 year old HS senior who is going to Cal Berkley on a football scholarship next year, and is a very good multiple sport athlete. He also has a respectable 300 lb bench press. He has large hands and feet (size 17 shoe!). My hands are 7 3/8”, his are approximately 8 ½”. Surprisingly he could not completely close the CoC Trainer. I am a RCH from closing the # 2. He then proceeded to my 125 lb 2.5” revolving handle dumbbell and picked it up with ease. The way he lifted it, I guess he could have loaded on another 25 – 35 lbs before even getting his attention. This is a weight I struggle to break off the ground at the end of my grip workout. Next he tried some oly plate pinch lifts, where he and I both maxed out at 75 lbs.

This demonstrated a few things to me:

1) big hands are a definite asset when it comes to thick handle lifting

2) there is probably not a great correlation between thick handle lifting and crushing strength, at least as measured by grippers

3) big hands do not necessarily equate to good crushing strength

4) big hands probably aid in pinch plate lifting. I’m thinking that the increased area of contact for a large hand affords more friction than a similar force applied over a smaller area (ie a smaller hand)

I accept that drawing conclusions from a sample population of 2 is tenuous at best; as they say YMMV.

Have any of you had any of your friends and family members try your grip toys – not just the CoC grippers? What were some of your findings?



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Guest Russell Latterman

There is a kid at my school who is 6 ft 6 and about 230 lbs.  I let him try the trainer and he could barely get to within 1/4in!  This surprised me.

I met one kid who is about 5 ft 7 and probably 100lbs,  with small hands and he got closer.

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Guest powerlifter82


I let my father and my friend try the CoC's (t,1,2) and they managed to close the number 1 and they both had pretty good attempts at the no.2. They both have thick hands and muscular forearms from manual labour. Their hand length isn't unusual.

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