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Strap hold pr

Rick Walker

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Put 30 miles on the bike this a.m. on hilly terrain-1.5 hours.  Came home, soaked hands in hot water for 20 minutes then applied liberal amounts of Bengay.

Decided to do strap holds.  Held 10 pounds with my PDA 387 for about 3 seconds each hand.  Then went inside and recruited the wife to place the strap.  Loaded the chain to 30 pounds + chain weight and grabbed my cut #2.

I managed a hold of over 5 seconds with each hand with 30 pounds!!!  HUGE PR!!  And when it slipped, the strap actually ripped free!  Finished with 3 sets of negatives with the atlas and 90 pounds.

Had a long week this week-put over 7 hours on the bike-hit PRs in the incline bench, standing over head press, close grip bench, and super wide pullup with weight, hit PRs with my softball pinch and cleaned and pressed 125 on my inch homemade DB with each arm.

Tonight-since I dont train tommorow, I am enjoying frosty beverages with the wife-I think it is well deserved.  We went to the bar early and watched some football and now we rented some movies and got some Coors Original.  I am going to kick back and celebrate one heck of a week-


Rick Walker :hehe

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Sounds Great!

I believe I need to do that more often too :)

I have too high expectations with my training, so every time I dont make progress or slip backwards I see it as a total failure.

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