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The Ledge


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I've had this idea for a while that I will probably implement as part of the medley at The Show of Hands. I know the concept has been trained, for climbing in particular, but for whatever reason it's never caught on in the grip world. Basically, I'm referring to testing one's ability to hang onto a "ledge" with their fingertips. So, to simulate this type of feat I think I will take a piece of angle iron, to which I will attach a chain from each end, meeting in the middle and attaching to a carabiner, to which the loading pin would be attached. The chain would be attached towards the front of the angle iron's edge to prevent tilting. Ideally you would hoist it with one hand, using just the ends of your fingers. I may also try it with a 4x4 block of wood, with the edges bull-nosed.

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Sounds like a cool idea Eric!! I've thought about this with ledge pullups before but never thought about doing it with a loading pin.

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