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Steve Gardener

Guest simon lodge

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Guest simon lodge

Hi all

Me and brother Rich went to see Steve Gardener at his abode and discovered a CoC #3 for real!

Looking at this gripboard day in and day out, and  reading the feats of many strongmen really inspires your training, however they are just visions of where you want to be. When you have the CoC number #3  at home and you know how hard a number #3 really is, it is mind blowin and a realisation that the no #3 is possible when you meet a CoC in the flesh. Whilst at his house we perused his incredible selection of training equipment and books which is absolutley incredible, beleive me. We sapped his brain on training knowledge and any thoughts  he may have had. This alone was worth the journey. Steve then gave us an insight into his training techniques and poundages he works with.

CoC #3 - way too bloody easy, even my one never closed before was a walk in the park.

CoC #4 - 3/4 apart after practising with no #3.

Rolling thunder - 244 pounds - still was not maxed though.

Inch dumbell replica at 212 pounds - 4 telephone directories high 4 times.

Partial deadlifts worked up to 660 pounds times 3.

Steve did'nt do to bad all round, I just wish I was on form. ( Richard's words)

Steve was absolutely great incredibly strong with a mind set to lift the inch and shut no #4 very soon, watch this space.

p.s please can someone help me out

I am after a copy of joe kinney's video, anyone interested in selling, 2 copies.

Thanks Steve

Simon & Rich

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It was a pleasure and I'm gald u enjoyed it. Perhaps a few more of the UK lads, when in London might enjoy an informal get together :)

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Then let me know when you're in London and if I can i will do it for ya (so to speak :) ). Besides, like da boyz that came over, it was a good crack having a 3 hour plus natter about all things Grip. A grand chance to shop what you can do - some bods have other gripping talents and so on.

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Guest simon lodge

Hi mobsterone

After my week end of learning all different ways of training the grip I've just made a handle the same as yours, i have welded a 40", inch bar through the middle of it, so the handle wont spin round. The thing weigh's about 16 lb on its own so when me and bro come round next time i'll bring it round so we can load that one up.


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Not only do I look forward to your next visit I will keep your welding skills in mind for some equipment...

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