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When To Start Kta?


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Hello again

I have been training grip for 8 months or so now, I have gone from barley closing the number 1 in a MMS to now closing the 2.5 in a choker and I could probably MMS the 2.5 on a good day, my left hand has gone from a T for two reps to now reps of 5-8 on the 1.5 and almost closing it in a choker.

I have been training pinch with a block loader and sledge levering for about 5 months.

I decided to order the KTA today, I have not gotten my secret access code yet, I am wondering should I be starting this program tomorrow, or should I use the info in the program to build my grip base more before I actually get into the 10 week ordeal.


Frank Chaudoin

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no, u are ready for kta! start it NOW!

in my oppinion when u are not making good progress thats when u need anything good to add some boost!

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And keep a log in the KTA section.

Another good Idea is to take a vid of your goal gripper attempt before you start. That way you have a "Before" image to compare your results with.

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I agree that you should use KTA whenever you need to boost yourself to another level and having a 'before' reference is awesome idea too.

But once you decide to do KTA......GO HARD!

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Decided to go KTA!!! Today I did my day 3 workout, and I am going as hard as I possibly can, I have already lost skin on my left hand, and my hands feel warmer throughout the day.

twig I did not get the KTA section with the program, I figure that I am going to do the program more than once, I didn't want to be over my head first time through, this time I am going to mash through the program, next time I do it I am going to get into the fine details in the forum.

looking forward to blisters and using superglue to hold shut blown out callouses.

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