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Tying Plates For Pinching?


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Hi Folks,

First post from a grip newbie. Reading Napalm Jedd's stuff got me interested.

So, here's my question.

Is it common practice to tie plates together when pinching?

Are there drawbacks to tying?

I did try a search for this. I hope this hasn't been answered a thousand times.



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Never seen this mentioned!

No, it isn't common practice. Might help you in trying to do the feat for real though, who knows.

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I've tried it. It didn't help any more than using blocks, since it essentially turns plates into a block weight...if anything, it's less help cos you have to spend so long getting the grip exactly right.

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Ir's fairly common practice to slide a bar or pipe thru the center of the plates for training (I use a piece of 1 1/2" PVC) - it helps stop the "fanning" of the plates as you squeeze the tops. It doesn't count as a feat of course but anything that helps you in your training is all good as you build the strength and techniques needed.

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