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2009 January - 2008 In Review - climber511


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2008 in Review

I've done this every year for a few years now - I suppose I should do it again.

This year I turned 60 years old. I got my first set of weights in 1959 – This year I start on my 50th year of working out with weights, doing various sports etc. I like to think I’m still learning new things now and then.

I worked out or did something physical anyway 201 times this year with various routines. Everything from a walk with my wife to a 5 minute grip workout to a 2 hour full body session to a contest or a day rock climbing is included in this number. Some of those I wouldn’t classify as much of anything really and some were pretty good workouts.

I bent a few Wrenches this year and did a good bit of scrolling and long bar bending – a lot of fun and a good total body workout with the bigger bars. I pretty much quit short bending except for reverse in preparation for and in contests – I did bend a 505# bar at GGC this year reverse. I missed my goal of doing my Dinnie Stone Trainers – I got 687# but missed the 734# that the actual stones in Scotland weigh. I did a gym lift Zercher of 352# - over the IAWA record for my age and weight – something I had done before. One hand DL (no hook) PR of 265#, not that great but hey, a PR is a PR. I closed a 182# gripper in a choker, pinched 231# in training and 226# in a contest. I actually won my class in a Grip Contest this year at Gripmas and finished 3rd overall there – my best contest performance ever. I broke the Masters record listed on David Horne’s site in the Weaver Stick. I got 3 25s, 5 -10s, and 2 – 45s on video finally – I don’t do video – I have to wait until someone comes around that does. I’m tied for 7th place on the all time Euro Pinch – I’ve wanted to get into the top ten ever since we started keeping the list - not bad for a young man like myself I think.

I did a couple Highland Games and 3 grip contests – lots of fun! I didn’t manage any Olympic lifting competitions this year. I set a few new PRs, depending on how you look at it. Some brand new – some improvements on old lifts. Some of which I have done better when younger but haven’t done for several years.

I donated, however modestly, to the GripBoard. I gave back to the strength sports by working the Olympic lifting at the Arnold Classic for 3 days. I think it is important to contribute to the sports you love in some positive way that isn’t done for profit. I put on The Gripmas Carol grip contest again this year – the first grip contest I know of that used weight classes – it seemed to work out pretty well – time will tell if it catches on any. The weight classes and old hand size criteria seemed to match up pretty closely.

I climbed indoors about 20 times – and outside not so much – maybe 15 days.

I did some type of aerobic workout about 100 times this year. Most were pretty easy with either Concept 2 rowing or hill walking but some interval track work and heart rate monitor weight training too. I suppose some of the KB workouts have a pretty good aerobic component to them also.

I did lift enough in training to qualify for the Masters World Championships in Olympic Lifting – it doesn’t count of course but I was pretty happy about it none the less. It was one of my goals to reach for the year. Being able to do a full squat snatch is something I use as a measuring stick for my overall aging – as long as I can do the motion in an acceptable fashion even with moderate weights – I believe I’m maintaining movement skills etc at a descent level.

I did Astanga Yoga about 40 times – sad – I need much more of this. Much more!

Health wise I still have a few things I and my doctor are trying to deal with. Of course, lots of aches and pains of no real consequence that just come from living an active life for so long. The anemia number is up very slightly (better) but still a problem, especially in regards to going back to Nepal to climb – other than trying some drugs which I’m not ready for yet – I’m working with diet and supplements with some small results.

I got my nose fixed – it’s nice to be able to breathe thru it after all those years of not being able to. My grand daughter broke it again a few weeks ago with the typical little kid head butt. It seems to have broken up some scar tissue as I can actually breathe a little better since she did it.

I made a lot of new friends at the various contests and get togethers. Who would have ever believed when I was young anything like the internet would ever exist and I would have people all over the world that I have never met but consider as friends of mine.

I learned a lot from other people that I hope will help my training in the future. Thanks everyone!

I was in Dale Harder’s newsletter a couple times – again an honor!

My family and I are still healthy and happy – we have enough but not so much that we can’t still enjoy having to save for whatever it is that we want.

The state of training on the internet is so sad – and U-tube doesn’t help. There are times I’m ashamed to be a lifter when I watch some of these yo yos.

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I've been trying to think of something intelligent, insightful, or witty to say...but none of it sums you up, so I'll go with: You da man, Chris.

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Sounds like a really great year Chris. Thanks for writing it up. May your next year be even better.

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You sir, are my hero. I say this with all sincerity as I hope to be doing half of what you are now at 60. Keep on truckin and lift for another 50 years!!

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You are a true inspiration. I look forward to reading your posts as they are always honest as they are insightful. I echo the comments of others when I say; it would be great to have done half as much in strength and for strength as you have.

I hope to make it to someday make it to Gripmas to greet you in person.

My best to you and yours in 2009.

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Chris Rice ........... who I wanna be when I grow up :laugh

amazing Chris! now go climb that mountain!

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You may not realize it, Climber511, but you're an inspiration to MANY people in here. I know for me, you're truly an inspiration. As I walk down the streets, in shopping malls or whatever place I am, I see people who are not even as old as you, yet at 40 or 50 they already act 100. They move slowly, take 10 seconds to get up from a chair, and in the process grunt and complain about pains... they blame it all on old age. That is not right. If you take care of your body and what you eat, you should NOT be this wasted at such young age. The fact that you're not only still working out, but putting up some HUGE numbers in some lifts, makes it even more amazing. I too look forward to your yearly write-up!

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That's always a great read Chris! I think of you every time I hit the old 1" vbar...I pulled 416lbs on it before the new year and thought during the lift that if the welding busted I'd probably fly to the ceiling and my spine would burst out my back and hit the wall. Luckily for me your welding skills are as strong as you are!

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