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Spanish Grip Championships 2009

Jose Jara

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1. Grippers. 3 attempts, one hand and Credit Card setting

2. Two hands pinch. 3 attempts, BHSA rules.

3. Two hands deadlift using 2 inch bar, overhand. 3 attempts, BHSA rules.

4. One hand deadlift "thumbless". 3 attempts, one hand, BHSA rules.

Date: Saturday 7th March 2009 17:00 h

Location: Sideropolis Gym- Madrid

We have one international IPF referee for the contest.

Any questions, just put here.

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The results:

1. José Jara

2. Julio Jiménez

3. Jorge González

4. E. Tarik

5. Pablo García de la Peña

6. David Molina

7. Carlos Bueno

8. Leandro

9. Firás Kichi

9. Aaron Novillo

11. Lucio Doncel

12. Fernando Lebrón

13. José Vaca

Nice day and very friendly with some great names in the Iron Game Spanish scene like, for example, Julio Jiménez (strongman and powerlifter, he was the first and only spanish that competed in Highland Games), Jorge González (best spanish strength athlete ever), Lucio Doncel (iron game historian), Firás Kichi (6 times spanish powerlifting champion) and the referee, Ayman Kichi (international powerlifting cat II).

The atmosphere was terrific and i think all the people enjoyed a lot.

Later, the results of the events.

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Congrats to everyone! Looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplished!

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Sounds like a nice comp! Congrats to all!

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Here the results:

Grippers, Credit Card Set:

José Jara #2.5

Julio Jiménez #2.5

Jorge González #2.5

E.Tarik #2.5

Pablo García #2

David Molina #2

Carlos Bueno #1.5

Leandro #1.5

Firás Kichi #1.5

Aaron Novillo #1.5

Lucio Doncel #2

Fernando Lebron #1.5

José Vaca #1.5


José Jara 85.8

Julio Jiménez 80.8

Jorge González 73.3

E.Tarik 80.8

Pablo García 68.3

David Molina 68.3

Carlos Bueno 65.8

Leandro 63.3

Firás Kichi 58.3

Aaron Novillo 55.8

Lucio Doncel 50.8

Fernando Lebron 50.8

José Vaca 50.8

2-Inch Deadlift Overhand

José Jara 152.5

Julio Jiménez 140

Jorge González 145

E.Tarik 140

Pablo García 140

David Molina 120

Carlos Bueno 125

Leandro 125

Firás Kichi 130

Aaron Novillo 127.5

Lucio Doncel 120

Fernando Lebron 120

José Vaca 110

One hand deadlift "thumbless" eleiko powerlifting bar

José Jara 100

Julio Jiménez 92.5

Jorge González 90

E.Tarik 87.5

Pablo García 95

David Molina 80

Carlos Bueno 90

Leandro 85

Firás Kichi 90

Aaron Novillo 85

Lucio Doncel 80

Fernando Lebron 70

José Vaca 65

Final score:

José Jara 1º

Julio Jiménez 2º

Jorge González 3º

E.Tarik 4º

Pablo García 5º

David Molina 6º

Carlos Bueno 7º

Leandro 8º

Firás Kichi 9º

Aaron Novillo 10º

Lucio Doncel 11º

Fernando Lebron 12º

José Vaca 13º

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