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Back From Da Holidays!


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Yo guys, I actually got a week off from bending, cause we went out of town for the Christmas holiday and I decided to leave everything grip related at the house!!! Well I think it paid off for the better!!! I managed to pick me up some nice leather pads from a craft store while I was out. I came back today and tried out the leather on a red and it felt great!!! after smoking 2 reds back to back, I decided to challenge myself and cut one down to 6", and i really didnt expect it to go down, but I ended up surprising myself. I kinked this sucker quicker than the 7", but the sweep kinda got me a bit. It was probably because I had just done 2 reds, but after about 2 mins of a break I got through the sweep and crushed the HELL out of it, and finished my 6" red in a grand total of 3 mins, which I can live with. The 7" reds life span around me is now a mere 20 to 30 seconds!!!! I feel great!!! now to the road of mastering the #3!!!!

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I actually got a week off from grip myself during the holidays, MUCH needed and came back crazy strong! Nice work on the reds!

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Nice, the 6" red is really something. What do you plan to attack next?

I dont think I want to go much shorter on the reds at this time, as I want to do the IM cert in the near future and want to keep my form on the longer stuff. But I guess a bastard is about due time. Perhaps in a few more weeks I may give an attpemt to an edgin just to see what happens.

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Nice job Troy!! :cool Cut reds are no joke! Congrats!

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