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About Time More Fbbc Certs Are Up, Eh?

John Beatty

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Congrats to a lot of guys that have been waiting forever.

Paul Knight - 6.5" x 3/8" grade 2

Kevin Mcfadden - 1/4" x 6" square CRS DU, SCF UL #1, SCF UL #2

Carl Sipes - Gr5, SCF UL #0, SCF UL #1, SCF UL #2

Takahashi Yoshiyuki - 12" spike, 10" spike, 10" x 3/8" Gr 2

Aaron Corcorran - 6.5" x 5/16" square CRS

Doug Sides - Golden Bastard

Nick Rosendaul - DC #0, 10" spike, 10" x 3/8" Gr 2

Perry Glover - 1/4" x 7" square CRS, Gr 5

Mike Hadland - Insane Shiny DU

Mike Mackenzie - 1/4" x 6.5" SS square, 1/4" x 6" SS square

Scott Wong - a correction - changed 1/4" x 7", 6.5", 6" square CRS DU to SS square DU

Dan Mulqueen - 1/4" x 7" square CRS

Josh Zeloof - Huge Golden Bastard

Congrats to all!!

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Congrats to everyone! :rock I held off on submitting anything else until I knew my first couple were valid. Feels good to see my name up there though.

Thanks John for all you do,


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Cheers John. :)

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Thanks John!! Nice bending everyone!!

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