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Dispelling A Myth About The Mmg1 Cert

Bill Piche

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For some odd reason there seems to be this myth still floating around that the MMG1 has a different set of rules concerning the close. Let me clear this up and for all:

There ARE NO special rules for the MMG1. ALL levels are judged by the same rules and have been for YEARS now.

Thanks everyone.

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In addition, it has never been stated in the rules that the MMG1 is different. What was still hanging around was a post made over 3 years ago about the set and I recently cleaned that up so someone would not be confused. There's been some confusion with a whopping 2 athletes in like 3 years of certs due to some memberpropagating that there were a different rule set. Again, there is not.

Let this set record straight once and for all.

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