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Who was the all round strongest ?


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Who do you consider the strongest all round ?

1. Herman Goerner

2. Louis Uni (Apollon)

3. Louis Cyr

4. Doug Hepburn

5. Paul Anderson

6. Marvin Eder

7. Arthur Saxon

Just curious in peoples views.Thanks.


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from what I know (which is not much),  I'd say Louis Uni. Some of the feats he did seem incredible (but I personally choose to believe ), and require all round strength!

hard question though.

funny you didn't mention Inch  :D


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For me it is Doug Hepburn by far. He did it all. He competed, and there are a great many photos of him in action(not just poses). He is also well documented.

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As always, it depends what you define the "strongest" as being.

In my view, for absolute strength, it would be Anderson or Hepburn (a very close call). Pound for pound, probably Eder. The Greatest? Probably Cyr or Apollon, but I'll let Mr. Roark argue that. :D

Good topic for discussion, though.

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Doug Hepburn.  Besides his absolutely shocking all around power, one of the things that stands out in my mind is the picture of him doing a straight-arm holdout with a 45lb plate hanging from the tip of his pinkie!  Looks downright casual doing it too.

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Not me, never. I measured Marla Duncan's waist at

26", and as petite as she was, it is difficult to imagine

someone's calves being 2" larger. Actually, who would

think of Louis Cyr's calf while having a tape measure

around Marla's waistline... :(

Only me; dedication, you know. ;)

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Thanks Old Guy, much appreciated.  The names are as follows:  Herman Goerner, Louis Uni, Doug Hepburn, Louis Cyr, Marvin Eder, Paul Anderson, Karl Swobada, Arthur Saxon, George Hackenschmidt and Thomas Thopam.

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In my book, my personal favs are Arthur Saxon and Louis Cyr (with Herman Goerner very close).  Actually, all of these men were so very strong in different ways.  A title that is thrown around casually is that of... "Strongest Man Who Ever Lived".  Please!  Just how can you determine that?!?

I also notice that Eugen Sandow is not mentioned in this group.  Good.  He is nothing but a fake IMHO!!!

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