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Al Turner


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Go to:


I have a short article on Big Al Turner, the "Godfather of Armwrestling"

and an very interesting picture. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Mighty Joe

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I'm probably way off, but is the other person in that picture Richard Lupkes?

Thewalrus: there was a thread in the NorthEast AW board, started by a man called Jim Drysdale, who apparently knew Al Turner, and took a LOT of pictures of a scrapbook that Al's wife showed to Jim, after Al had passed away. Jim posted a LOT of pictures, articles, etc, in a thread that went over 10 pages long, and some posts in each page had more than just one picture. I could be wrong, but I *could* recall a pic of Al vs. Richard Lupkes, but it said Lupkes was like 230 or 210, or 240, don't remember, but looked "skinny" compared to the 300# monster we are used to seeing. I could be mixing this up though, but maybe it was that picture that Mighty Joe has posted, who knows.

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Here is the thread!


I recommend everyone look at all 16 pages, it's filled with WONDERFUL pics of Al in training, matches, and his life. Very cool stories also written (eye-witnessed stories for the most part, so they should be true). And many pics, you'll all love them. Some table-curl pics show HUGE dumbells. This is the best compilation of Al Turner stuff.

EDIT: Page 12 of that thread, Al Turner vs. a "skinny" Richard Lupkes!!

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I want keep you guys waiting any longer.

The other guy is Steve Stanaway. This picture was way before


Dan Praydis e-mailed me with the correct answer. Dan seems to

know quite a bit about the old timers.

Hope you enjoyed the pic and article. :)

Mighty Joe

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