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Hello I Am Addicted To Grip!


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Hi my name is Tony I am 27 years old, 6ft, 250lbs, 7.5" hands and have been weight training since my early teens.

I Have been training strongman for the last couple of years and have done some grip work before axles, thick dumbbells and old hg grippers but I recently hurt my back squatting and took some time off lifting heavy. I found this site and have been watching the vids on youtube and started doing more grip now I am addicted to grip I want to pinch, hub and bend every day.

I gave some of the lifts a try the other day and I can do

pinch 3x10kg http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ZU3O9wLG7Xs

tried 2x20kg but could not get it then used two hand to lift then held it at lockout with one hand for a few seconds

pinch 5x5kg then 5x5kg with 2.5kg added through pin

hub 2x15kg

hub 19kg rh

2" vbar 85kg

2hp 77.5kg

60mm thick dumbbell deadlift 70kg

grippers I am crap I have done hg250 and coc2

tried some bending too and loved it bent some 6" nails and some 6" 6mm steel rods

Dont know how good any of these are but they all should go up pretty quick as I have only tried some of them once. I have a few grip toys I have made and just got some coc grippers and a load of steel rods to bend the only problem is not enough time to do everything I want and overtraining.

Anyway just wanted to say hi and that I love the board and would love to get certified on some lifts soon and get my name up on a list or two.

Many thanks


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What's with all these new guys coming in kicking my butt in pinch? :tongue Those pinches are great man! Your 2HP is the same as my personal best but I would bet that as soon as you get a chance to use an actual Horne 2HP device you'll blow me away.

Your off to a good start man ;)

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