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Another Source For Wraps


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Just figured I would let you all know that "Hobby Lobby" hobby stores carry a line of leather pieces under the brand "Real Leather". I picked up some, and it looks to be as good or better than the Tandy stuff. They also carry a unique size; 12'' x 12''!! I picked up a bunch of this to make myself some fresh wraps. I figured I would experiment wit 6'' wide ones this time. Prices were $6.99 for 8.5'' x 11'', and $9.99 for the 12'' x 12''. Good deal on the bigger piece, buy two and cut em' at 4'' wide, and you got 3 pairs of wraps. :cool


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Good stuff Jeremiah. I made a trip a few weeks ago and found a real leather scraps bag for about $8. Talk about worth way more than what I paid for it! Not the best or thickest leather I've ever seen but more than enough for most human bends.

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Don't you love finding good wraps? If I ever found some more of the suade that I got from Chris Rider, I've buy a truck load of it. I found some similiar once but once I tried it the feel was totally different.

I'll be sad when they finally wear out.


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Good wraps are like hen's teeth. Hobby Lobby is now on my short list of "to visit soon" places.

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I'm curious to see how the wider wraps work out. I'm hoping they will allow me more hand placement options so that I won't have to keep scooting my pads up on the bar as the bend progresses. That steel is cooling each time I do that, and making those bends harder than they should be! :D:blink

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