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Which Exercises Should I Use


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Hi all,

I have been working on hand strength for a little while now. I did some bodybuilding in the past, but quit when my joints and left shoulder started giving me trouble. (I could no longer do chins without pain, open a door at waist level, or raise my left hand above my head.) That was a year and a half ago.

I have healed up, but still favour my left shoulder if I do benching, militiary presses, etc. I would like to do some auxiliary exercises to support my grip strength. What should I do for overall strength to help. Deads, squats, benches, tire flips, walk around with a sled? What do you do to help develop your overall strength to help with grip?

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The basic compound exercises such as those you listed should help with overall strength and will also help improve your grip. Squats seem to give the grip a temporary boost, if you want to go for a gripper pr try it between sets.

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