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Drop Sets?


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Hey guys, had a couple of personal bests in the last few days with grippers and pinch lifts so I thought I'd post another progress video :)


I am very pleased to be half way between the 15s and the 20s on the pinch... didn't think I'd be here before Xmas!

My new short term goals are to get that #2.5 properly shut first the "right" and then the "wrong" way (probably a couple weeks later) to enable me to have enough in reserve to do a half decent over-crush with the #2.5. The KTA calls for this as a minimum when starting out.

I am now 4.2mm from closing the #2.5 in video but I can get it to maybe 3mm when I don't have to concentrate on lining up the shot. I feel I need a new strategy to shake things up and make getting it done by early-ish January a realistic possibility.

Has anyone had good results using "drop sets"?

It once did wonders for my bench press for busting through a plateau but is it likely to suit the very low reps that we deal with?

Maybe giving the #2.5 my best shot then immediately repping the #1 to failure and doing the same with the trainer.


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Good work Frank. Just about anything works for a while. The key is knowing when to switch to something else. Do you read many of the grip training logs here on the board? You might give that a shot and see what works for most of the guys and then mimic that for a while and see what the payoff is. I don't think most guys do drop sets...but that sure doesn't mean they won't work for you. I assume you mean a drop set where you close a gripper to failure, and then immediately grab another lighter gripper and start closing that until you hit failure, and then going down from there if possible to another gripper that you can continue to close.

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