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Help Regarding Exercise Eqp On Ebay


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I am new to grip board and a newbie..I have recently become intrested in grip training and was looking for geting some toys to play with. My biggest problem is I am located in India and shipping is too much for me. I searched ebay and found follwing product. I found simmilar product on Ebay (US) . It would be really helpful if some one could give a feedback if these are any good. or some other recomedations

1. 2-In-1 Chest Expander + Wrist Excerciser


2.Power Hand Grip with meter


Thanks in advance.

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The first one may be of use, depending how strong you already are, for some general muscle toning/preparation for strength training using weights etc. I can't see it doing much for grip to be honest. The second item I wouldn't bother with. Something that cheap isn't likely to be very good.

There are lots of sites on the internet showing you how to make grip stuff out of junk laying about if getting hold of the "proper" gear is a problem. Ultimately though for gripper work, you need grippers, so it may be a case of saving your cash, biting the bullet and investing if this is an area you decide to enter.

All the best, Lol

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For the price of that plastic dyno (#2) you could have a few Ironmind grippers. Or.... You could get an adjustable Beef Builder made and sent to you. Thats what I would do in your situation.

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Chris, the grip dynamometer is priced in Indian Rupees, it works out to about $4 I think. Not enough for some grippers unfortunately.

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Looks like junk. For something inexpensive you can get locally, I would suggest going for block weights by cutting the heads off of hex head dumbbells.

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Not sure if you can find a good welder locally, but if possible print a picture of a Beef Builder grip machine and have it built for you. That would take the place of many grippers. If impossible, contact Warren Tetting for a price.

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