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Dropping the cocs

Guest Jeff Roark

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Guest Jeff Roark

I know many here will disagree with what I am doing but that isn't going to change my mind. I have dropped the COCs for the SG for the time being. I am going to use it to build a better base for when I do return to using the COCs. I know everyone will say that the grippers are so specific. In reality if you have a huge strong base how long will it take you to get the specifics? not long.

I am using the supergripper for reps of 5-10. I alternate the position each set. I am also using the SG for two handed pinch work. I have also found something very strange. My hand strength is almost equal left and right with the SG where it is nowhere close with the COCs. I think this is a tremendous effective tool that may be over looked a bit because they're is no elite tag with it. The Holle brothers use it so if it is good enough for them it s for me also. We'll see what happens.

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Guest CalvinP

I agreed with you whole heartedly. I put off the coc for now and focus on thick bar everything. I am adding thick bar 2 hands twirling today, I start with 2" pvc pipe for pre-conditioning and muscle memorization. (picture 2.1/2" x 5' solid steel bar twirling in this manner!!!) CoC is good because it's easy to carry around (and impress others) It has its purpose but it's not a wholesome exercise in my humble opinion

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The SG is a very good tool to train with I agree.

I also like to clamp it down in a benchvise to

stabalize it and make it like a "cheap" gripper machine.

I can change the angle in which it sits in the vise too.

straight forward, angled down, angled up, etc. I am

planning to get a vise with rotating jaws, Jaws that

rotate  360 degrees enabling the SG to be at many

various angles. Just something to humor me with.

The SG springs being "tension" type and the COCs being

"torsion" type springs, could be a conflict whether each

would have carry over benefits to each other.

I say grip 'em both ;)

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The first time my Bro put his hand on my COC's he hardly closed my #1. He got caught so i lent him my SG. He made some good progress with it and tried my #1 a month after...and could just hardly close it !

Though one month later he tried it again and closed it quite easily.

I don't know what the moral is...just raw data  :p

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Raw data- so your brother was not wearing a bench

shirt when he closed it? Just kidding, just kidding.


When you clamp the SG in a benchvise, do you ever use

it backwards- the fingers where the palm usually goes,

and the thumb where the fingers usually are placed? If

so, is it a useful thumb exercise?

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I nominate you for the "GRIPPER TIP"

of the week award :p

I have the TTK and now with this gem

I will have 2 dynamic thumb movements.


( ####...what a good idea..I mumble to myself

as I walk to my grip shed) :)

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I accept your 'Gripper Tip of the Week' award, though

my wife assumes in this case 'week' is spelled 'weak'. I

guess we hear what we want to hear.


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Guest Jeff Roark


I am not sure if I am understanding what you are asking. I have only used the finger/thumb tips. Thumbs are always on the moving handle. My thumbs and fingers are perpendicular to the SG. One is one side and the other on the opposite side.

Hold on I am going to try with boths hands on the same side as if one was doing a two hand pinch on plates.

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Guest Jeff Roark

Ok guys try this for me...you all with the supergripper. Sit it on your lap, now reach down and just put your finger tips on the handles. Do one pinch with the thumbs on the moving handle and then do one with the fingers one the moving handle. Which one seems harder to you? I think this both hands on the same side is a harder and better method.

I'll tell you this Joe. When pinching with plates I never felt really worked in my hands/thumbs/forearms, but with the SG pinching I get a deep worked feeling and also a good pump.

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I worked with the SG in the manner you described. I

think it has promise. Fooling around with the"ol

trial and error method, I worked the thumb in

two positions.

1st. placing only the tips of the fingers on the outside

of the frame ( I had it locked in the vise with the pivot

pin up) and the tip of the thumb on the moving handle

the movement of the pinch was such that the thumb

remained relatively straight.

It felt like I was sweeping it closed. I was standing a

to the left of the gripper.(using the right hand)

2nd. again the finger tips on the outside frame, and

standing a little to the right of the vise, I placed the

thumb on the working handle at the middle joint of the

thumb resulting in a hooking fashion. This I felt had a

greater isolation of the thumb movement.

The hand position was held in the way you would hold

a "cold one" (ala Budweiser) :p

I`ll  tweak around with it and see how it goes. Any

more ideas bring it on!! "cause Joe you gotta mind like

a steel trap, whereas, I have the IQ of a steel trap :hehe

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