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Warming up for the grippers


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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the --COC-- grippers. You see,

I often find that if I don't warm up properly, I feel really weak and sometimes can't even close the trainer properly. lol

When I've warmed up my hands properly I can do a few singles with # 2 COC gripper - that is, on a good day.

So far, I haven't really found out a good way to warm up.

I've just done whatever comes to mind.

So, I would really like to know how the other people on this board warm up for the grippers. I'm really interested in all the different methods people use.


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your not alone. i also must have a good warm up to do well. although i use the trainer as a warm up, if the trainer is to much for you to use as a wrarm up gripper, ( i find that  hard to believe if you can close the #2). than i would get a regular store bought gripper. i know for myself that some thick bar work is a real good wrm up.

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Here are my warm ups :

1. Hnads under hot water (as hot as you can tolerate)  for 2 minute.

2. Light stretching.

3. Store gripper : 3 x 5

#1 : 2 singles.

Then, right to the #3.

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Do a search through the back posts as there's some threads on the subject (I've been working my way through them when I get a chance at work).

I can't remember who it was that posted the comment but it was something like "you wouldn't try to squat 600lbs without warming up, so why would you try to close a hard gripper without warming up".

I do all my other grip training after my barbell exercises but even so I do specific warmup sets for each exercise.


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I must be different, because when it comes to the grippers, I don't need a warm-up.  I can go right to a #3 and close it.  I did that last night with my 411 IP #3 (the one that I certified on).  I pick it up and just closed it.  I've tried warm-up's before, and they actually make me feel weaker!  (explain that one!).  ???

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I experience the same troubles, going from #2 for singles when warmed up, to struggling with the Trainer when cold.  Some times I pick it up and squeeze away and think it's the #2, and then flip it to see the big "T" on the handle.  Mentaly, it feels pretty horrible.  

  My warm up is:


     -Hold hands under hot, running watter for a few minutes

     -Squeeze heavy store-bought stress ball unitl hands feel loose

     -2 sets very light wrist-rollers, reverse and normal.


  This only goes for a gripper work out.  The other lifts are fine.

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I have pretty much dropped my warm up sets as well. At most I will do 10 reps on the trainer just to stretch my hand out and get the blood flowing. I have found that if I try to do any heavy warmups that my strength is a bit off when I attack my training.

Of course I never waited long after doing my warm ups. Perhaps if I waited a few minutes my strength would be at it's peak. But that approach leaves me wondering why I did the warm ups to begin with.

Go with whatever works best for you.

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"didn't Paul Anderson squat >600lbs warming up"

-#### I got to find me a slaughter house so I can start making blood shakes and pile on the plates!!!! :hehe  :D  :hehe  :)


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Guest sjeff70

If I could close the #2 for two reps, I would do the following warm-up, if working the grippers twice per week (I would need more warming-up if I were training the grippers less often):

Run hands under hot water until hands feel hot.

T 1X3

#1 1X1

#2 1X1

Do your workout...if you were going to do Strapholds with the #2 for your worksets, I would not do a warm-up rep with it.  I'd go right into #2 Strapholds.  I would only do a rep with the #2 as a warm-up if I was going to do worksets with the #3.

I think it's important to do warm-up reps with the grippers if only to grease the groove.  Going into and attempting difficult grippers assumes you have expert skill every time.  If you work the grippers everyday, I don't see why this isn't possible.  I myself have not benefitted from this.  


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Reading Paul Anderson's bio written by Strossen... Paul started his squat career at 400 pounds.

:crazy  :0  :crazy

I'll repeat that.  He started at 400 pounds!  Wouldn't that be like having NO grip training/experience whatsoever, and someone hands you a #3 and you mash it shut.  Awesome!!   :0  :hehe

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I use warm water on them then do some sets of quick hand opening (exactly as it sounds) then shake them to get the blood circulating ( as it tends to get cut off when I use COC's)then a couple of reps on trainer then on to the gripper I am training on.

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