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Fun with an Inch DB Loadable

Bill Piche

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I just got my Inch DB loadable from PDA this week and was humbled as 142 was close to coming up but stayed "glued" to the deck just when I thought it was going airborne.  :) I haven't done any wide stuff for awhile, but this was fun!  My 10-yr old son got 42 airborne.  He saw dad messing with it and gave it a whirl.  Gee, I'm less than 100lbs over my 10 yr old.  I better get to work! :)

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At the local gym there is a young man who has

been weight training for about a year with no

grip emphasis. We loaded my Inch handle to

80 lbs, he did; 96, yes. 116, yes, 120 yes. Then

126 stopped him. His hands are about 7.5" long.

So he deadlift 120 on the handle on his debut dance

with it. This is discouraging...well, not to him.

Given his other abilities, I am confident he could

work up to about 140 in a shorter time than it

would take Pamela Anderson to deny Tom Black a


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   I have found that once you reach a peak with these thick dumbbells it's hard to progress.  Thus, Pamela might think a little before saying no :)    Wannagrip, for a first attempt without much practice you did really well.  Try lifting one end of the bell first (usually the closer end).  Once you get the one end up, pause, and lift the other end.  With that technique I’m sure you’ll lift the 142, because I can with my 7.25” hands.  Try overloading the bell to 162 as well, and then lift one end.  I’ve been doing that and it makes the 142 seem really easy.  

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Guest StoicGrip

I made my own Inch stlye handle from steel tubing . Mine is 24 '' long the gripping section is 4'' long and 2 3/8'' diameter . I have been using it over a year with my son training once a week .We both worked up to 174 # . He got bored with it after a while ,and I now have carpal tunnel problems which reduced my max lift to 150 # . I use plates no bigger than 10 # and am able to microload with as little as 1/2 # at a time . I feel that using 10 # plates makes the dumbbell about as high as the original solid bell , and 25 # plates are a little too high off the floor .

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