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Hi Wannagrip. I was just curious if the Grip page part of site will ever be back. Also, in past posts I've heard of Wannagrip's Plateau Buster Routine. I've ran a search but can't find any info. Does it have to do with your advice of 2 main workouts, rest before main workout, and the other days light work? Any info would be much appreciated. Thank You.

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Hi Wannagrip. My goal gripper is the #3. I train with the grippers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My routine is as follows.


    Trainer: 1 set of 10

     #1:      2 sets of 5

     #2:      3 sets of 3

     #1:      2 sets of 5 overcrushes holding 5 seconds


    Trainer:  1 set of 10

     #1:       1 set of 6

     #2:       1 set of 3 then 5 negatives

     #1:       3 holds for as long as I can or 30 seconds



    Trainer:   1 set of 10

    #1:         2 sets of 5

    #2:         3 sets of 3

    #1:         5 sets of 1 strapholds with 10 pounds

                  I hold until weight drops

    Well that's my gripper routine. On Monday's and Friday's after gripper work I do exercises for my pinch grip and wrist. I am focusing more on my crushing so with pinch and wrist work I usually just workout with about 60% of my 1 rep max.

       Monday pinch is mainly narrow around 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. I warm-up then make my way up in weight for timed holds.

       Monday wrist work is leverage bar twists and a few sets of wristroller.

       Friday pinch work is usually softball lifting and wide pinching.

       Friday wrist work consists of sledgehammer levering and plate wrist curls.

       On Wednesdays or Saturdays depending on how I feel, I also have 2" dumbbells I walk around basement with. It realy depends on how I feel after work with #2. And yes I am ordering #3's next week. That's about it, I hope this helps. Thanks for any help.    

          :)  :)

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Are you making any gains with that routine?  ???

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Sybersnott, I am making gains with grippers because I am now able to do some reps with #2 with my right hand. With yesterdays workout I can almost close 2 times with my left. Plus I always feel fresh. I really don't add weight with pinch or wrist work because I just started this routine 2 weeks ago. I will say that I can now consistently pinch grip 62 1/2 pounds with right hand and 58 with left. Do you think this is a good routine? Just wondering because of the emoticon you used in your post. Any advice would be more than welcomed. Remember my goal gripper is #3, it is not a priority goal. My goal in workouts is over-all grip strength.

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Ask me again when you are close to closing the 3. Heck, how can you use a barrier type busting routine when you don't even own the goal gripper and know how far away you are?  :D

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