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Heavy Grips For Beginners


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I have noticed alot of confusion, and conflicting testimony on this board, when it comes to these grippers. I thought that I might shed al ittle light on why this is so. The following is the GENERAL rule, in the description of the HGs. The following does not take into account the HG 400-500, or the HG350, because the design is different and is not so easy to compare. This has been my experience with them.

The problem with HeavySports is that much like IromMind, they have been changing and improving their grippers, throughout their existence. You cant compare last years with this years. Or Last years with the year's before. Just like IM these changes took place the most in the beginning. So did the HGs

The confusion starts when you purchase from a vendor. You can't tell wheter you are buying new stock or old stock.

Their brand new ones are the best they have put out so far. They have silver painted handles (anodized) instead of the bare aluminum, different black paint for their springs, and they use black glue now. The plastic used in their packaging is different now too. Their springs are better too, mine have only seasoned 1/8" just like every other gripper I own. They also have super smooth knurling (wich makes them feel harder). A little more and they might as well be smooth. Which I like. The 200 is equal or harder than a #1, the 250 is equal or harder than a #2, and the 300 is equal or harder than a #3...Generally.

Last years grippers were pretty good too. Very similar, but they used the cheaper black paint, white glue and bare aluminum. The springs were pretty good though. They come with smoother knurling than their previous ones. These I think would satisfy most gripboard members.

The ones before that were not as good. They were OK but they made a mistake of making the handle gap 2-1/4" out of the package, on the 100,150,200,and 250 models for some reason. I think they felt that the persons working on the smaller grippers had smaller hands. Later they changed the gap but everything else was the same. These used the cheaper black paint, Yellow glue and bare aluminum. Their knurling was pretty good. I think these would still not meet the standards of gripboard members.

The ones before this period are the ones that GAVE HEAVYGRIPS THEIR FAME! They vary ALOT! The gap between the handles varies ALOT. They season ALOT. The depth of the spring placement inside handles varied too! The knurling on the handles varied too! They still work, meaning you can still get a workout, but they might leave you dissapointed if you already have experienced other brands. cheap springs, cheap black paint, cheap yellow glue. the HG250 was called the "grip master" instead of the "professional".

The ones before this (much like IronMInds) were silver springs; And much like IronMInd they broke alot. They varied alot, and overall they sucked. Heavysports will not even warranty these grippers.

I hope this helps answer someones question.

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There's just one thing you have to know about HG's: Forget about them and get some quality grippers!

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