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Question for tom black

The Gripster

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Hi Tom. I used to like reading your training logs. Do you still continue to write them? I don't see them on your site. Also, you said in one of your last logs that this year you would focus on closing #3. How are you doing on them?

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I haven’t had the time to write my logs, but I hope to start them up in the future.  They might have to be a little different format since my training has changed somewhat in the last year (they might be more boring because they are mostly gripper work alone).  Yes, I absolutely focused on the #3, probably to the determent of my other lifts, that’s one of the changes in my training.  I am closing the #3, but not consistently.   One week I can close it and the next I’m missing it by a hair.  I have also over trained a little and have two minor injuries that have taken the edge off my crushing (one is the inside elbow pain that I think Harlan had). 

   One of my more recent observations with my #3 training is that I got consistent on my PDA361 gripper when I barely started to close my #3.  The grippers are actually very close together in strength, with the #3 moderately harder.  Since I have four #3 grippers I started to put my best efforts into the next hardest #3 gripper above the one I am not consistent on.  I think this is the way I’ll get consistent on the easier #3.

My workout usually looks something like this:

1 x Trainer

1 x #1

1 x Master (all overcrushes)

1 x PDA361, just starting to overcrush it now

1 x Harder #3, usually to slightly less than 1/8”

1 x Easier #3, usually to 1/16” after trying the harder one.  If I do this #3 first I can just close it, as I said, not consistently.  Many times I just keep trying to close the harder #3 and not bother with the easier one.

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Thank you for the quick reply and update Tom. Since the shut down of the Grippage, I miss being able to re-read your old logs, so I hope it's real soon that you start writing  again. I   I  hope that your minor injuries are better so that you will be able to be certified soon. Also, I really enjoy your site. I was in awe of the bent wrench. One more thing. In your reply you said your logs might be more boring because of just the gripper work. NOT AT ALL. I've read all your logs numerous times and they were all very entertaining, especially the way you went into detail. Get better and I wish you all the luck with the #3. Keep us updated. Thank You. :D

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