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Soft Thickbar?


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Posted up a picture of the soft-handled thick bar I've been toying round with for a month or so now. I'm curious to know whether anyone has done this before and what you guys think? The 'handles' are just some of the foam things that I nicked off my brothers 'home gym' quad extension machine. They're 3.75inches diameter and are firm enough to lift some considerable weight and not break (so far). Obviously it wouoldn't work on an olympic bar cause you wouldn't be able to get them on the bar but on these el' cheapo bar it's easy enough and you can adjust grip width no wories also.

I just wanted a thickhandle that wasn't isometric for the thumb eg. using a clean and press your thumb digs in to clean it and then when it's resting on your shoulders your thumb relaxes a fair bit for the press then lowering back down to the floor requires thumb to squeeze in again. Thoughts? Constructive criticism? Any possible dangers anyone can see?

So far the results have been great for my hand health more than anything, my hand feels alot more stable and firmer and it has helped bump up my pinching numbers.



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