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Meeting other gripheads


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I am very happy with this site and am always getting good advice. when i close my #3, and get certified, i would like to start meeting other grip people. from my understanding there is some kind of strong man dinner?. can anyone go to this?, are they still having it, when are they?, and how do i make plans to go?  do any of you ever meet to train together or anythng? i would love some day to workout with someone from the gripboard, and talk grip stuff in person. actualy i would lke someone from the board to put me through a TOUGH workout. it would motivate me! :D

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Vic Boff, who staged the dinners in connection with

his Association of Oldtime Barbell & Strongmen, died

last Saturday; his funeral is tomorrow.

The fate of the dinners continuing is unknown at the


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kjm i live in ny

man thats toobad about vic. i saw the post about his death, but didnt know he was the one incharge of the dinners. goes to show how much i have to learn about everyone. this is one of the reasons i would like to someday meet grippeople, and get to know the crowd. although im not as strong as them, i would like to meet some.   well, we will see where the road leads.    dave

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I'm planning a move to western Massachusetts next year.  Hopefully, we could get something going.  And don't wait until you close the #3.  I absolutely loved the Super Grip Comp.

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You live in the NY area, then you have to meet Steve Weiner (3Crusher).  Contact him about getting together and talking shop!  He's the most enthusiastic person I've ever met when it came to grip strength/grip training!  :)

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