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Guest girevik

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Guest girevik

Hello, everyone. My name is Seán. I am 20 years old, a vegetarian, and I've been following Pavel Tsatsouline's meathods for half a year. First "Power to the people" for four months (my deadlift went from 300 to 385 in that short time), then I took up kettlebell lifting when the Russian Kettlebell Challange came out. I have John Brookfield's book, and it's one of my favourite. I also have "Of Stones and Strength", and I hope to lift some of those stones someday. I'm also thinking of getting into track & field (esp. shot put and/or hammer throw) and/or Highland games. I'm very into hand strength, because it is usefull, and I enjoy grip training. I haven't done anything too impressive yet. I can curl a 25 plate, pinch grip two 25's pretty easily, or lift two 35's with both hands then hold it with one hand for a second. I have bent a pretty hard, galvanized 60 penny nail, but I cheated a bit by putting the middle over the end of a bar. This board looks interesting, and I'm sure I'll learn a lot here. I am also a member of the www.dragondoor.com forum. (Sean H. is my log-on name there.)

Explaination of my name: girevik is a Russian word. Literally it means "kettlebell man", but it was used to discribe any lifter or strongman, because they all used to use kettlebells.

Now my question: I read about Slim the Hammer man, and heard a lot about sledgehammer levering, but I've never seen someone do it. I've only seen pictures of people with the hammer tipped towards their heads, not the rest of the lift. Could someone tell me how to do it?

Thanks "Comrades" (as we say on DragonDoor.com),


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Welcome Sean,your accomplishments are quite impressive, I believe I will be learning from you! As for your hammer questions, this is right up the amazing Tom Black's alley check out his routines in the back pages(archives).


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