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Your Opinion Of Single Digit Training


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i am a teacher. i usually walk about with a ruler. i just started this last month. anyway. i pinch the ruler together and try and hole it straight out. i do this with each finger. like pinching it and holding it horozontally. feels like my fingers and thumbs are getting stronger. i still need to hold the ruler with each finger, but that will take a while. since the ruler is pretty thick.

what is your opinion. do you guys work single digits.

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not until I can pinch the blob50 with one finger. Im working on it but only got a 2 finger so far. give me time. What im trying to say is you would be better off working your hand as a whole and maybe very little single digit work.. if any.. I know some of the better gripper guys have benifited from ring and pinky IMTUG stuff though.

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Single digits? I do middle finger pullups on occasion but I don't think it's helped any of my lifts. It's just a fun feat of strength many are too freaked to try. Double digit training as Chris mentioned is very beneficial though. I love doing 2 finger pinches and gripper closes and I think they've helped me in the long run.

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