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Millennium, inch


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My friend is moving his gym and expanding it. He is the

fellow I have been chatting with about having an Inch

on hand at his grand opening- probably, if all details can be

smoothed (read, liability) the gym should be ready by early

January 2003, and we hope to have an Inch 152, an Inch 172,

and a Millennium bell on hand as a promotional tool.

His gym is near the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area, just

east in a town called St. Joseph. So those of you who wish

to try your hand at these bells, get ready! Bring your camera

and snap a photo, which you can later caption, "Here's me

just after I put the Millenium bell back on the floor".

This may not work out, but in case it does, get busy on thick bar! I'll have more details as they become available. Should

be a lot of fun!

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Awesome!  I'm only 2.5 hours away!  After "trying" Kevin Fulton's IDB, I'm anxious to give the 152 a go.  My ego needs a lift.  Of course, if the 152 proves to be a challenge, I might just forget the whole "ego" thing.

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It is a 90 minute drive from the gym to the

465 bypass in Indy (west side of town). Unless,

my daughter is home to drive me, then it's 60 minutes. :D

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The MB weighs 232 on the digital scale I used.

Not an official scale.

But as Inch said when queried about how heavy the

challenge bell was, 'It's heavy enough, I think'.

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My post was an attempt at humor. Your post succeeded in being rude. I might ask why you have moved on to the millenium dumbbell, when all you ever did with the Inch was lift it onto a phonebook. It seems a little premature.

I think he has had the Millennium resting on his head.

Bring back Scott E - all is forgiven.

Release the Scott one...

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He and Roark were both kiddin', Oldguy.  It's a shame my father doesn't lift at all, because Urbana is a few miles from where my parents retired (Danville). :)

Will he have the 'bells there permanently, or just for the grand opening? If the former, I could play with them when I visit the family next summer.

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?? I'll be getting the push next if Bill thinks I wasn't joking. Anyway me liftum Inch higher than that - its in the gallery dear boy. I can send you a nice glossy if you like. Would u like it signed or are you now pulling my leg??

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The bells will be there only for one day, and please

keep in mind that I am not sure when this will be- he

hopes to be remodeled by Jan 2003. But if the liability

issue is not settled, the whole thing will not happen.

I posted this thread hoping it will happen, of course,

and to give plenty of alert time for those within a couple

hours drive of Champaign-Urbana.

There are only two places in America where all three

bells can be found together at the same time in the

same place, so this will be a rare opportunity for photos

whether or not you can get the bells off the floor.

I will be happy to clean the MB for you, then you can

use digital magic to place yourself in the photo and

delete me. :hehe

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I can snail mail you or fax you a GREAT waiver that was used for the 98 strongman contest and is used at the gym for martial arts.

It was written by a bright young attorney who stayed here in town for about two years.(i think it was his pennance ???he must have done something seriously wrong )and he has since moved on to practice in Washington D.C.

I guess i could retype it and e-mail it to you but it is wordier and more confuseing(thus effective)than one of my posts :hehe  :hehe .

It will cover anything includeing death and all claims by surviving heirs :hehe

If someone drops it on their toe...you might be screwd though ;)

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Along with a waiver to be signed by all who try to pick it up(a given in this litigious society)

I would suggest that you RENT the bells to your friend(the gym owner) and have him sign a similar waiver that is attached to the 'rental agreement'which  should clear you and your heirs from the injured party and their heirs.  :hehe

its not as difficult as it sounds.


Someone might e-mail Big Tony and all the Gillinghams.This IS quite an opportunity!We are 4 1/2 hours away.It could be a historical event IF the right people show up??????????????? ;)

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