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Building Grippers By Bending


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I built a gripper by bending some easy 1m 8mm (40 in 5/16 stock approx.) This was just an easy scroll. Looks nice though. How would bending hardr metals (with the help of a bending tool i.e. around normally a thick bar.) work for making your own grippers? You could pressure fit the handles onto the stock and perhaps weld it just to be sure.

Obviously they would not be that marvellous, but do you guys think they would hold up , and if so what thickness of metal could be used for various grippers.

The ornament I made feels like a HG200 but beyond the range due to the thin stock. You could even just put bending wraps on them? Anyone tried this I got the idea from the John Brookfield DVD the art of steel bending - he said you could even bend yourself a gripper.



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I believe to make a spring you have to use high carbon steel, bend it and hold it in the desired shape, then heat it.

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