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How Are Gripper Strengths Defined?


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You have the COC#1 at 140 pounds, the #2 at 195, and the HG 150, 200, etc. But what do those weights mean? Is it the torque required to close it divided by the length of the handle? Is it the torque at a certain point? The weight you'd have to hang on one end with the other in a vice?

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Those "rating" numbers are completely irrelevant. HG's are measured in in-lb (torque), and CoC's are measured at the center of the handle, or so I hear. In reality, and #1 is about 82lb, and #2 is 110, a #3 is 150, etc. The true way to measure a gripper is the RGC calibration, shown here. The weight is hung from a 1" strap positioned at the end of the handle to determine the true strength of the gripper. As you can see, for instance, my HG350 is actually a tad over 168lb to close.

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