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Hey guys, bit of a lurker. Long time grip guy though. I rock climb, do judo, gymnastics, and heavy thick bar lifts.

I recently got a set of heavy grippers. I know they are not the best like some out there, but they work and the price was great for 100-350.

My question is this, I really have no clue how to set up a routine. With lifting I do 5x5, or 8x3 mainly training for strength and eating for size. With these I literally have no idea.

I used the search, but got a lot of random stuff, so I apologize if this has been asked before( I am sure it has)

Basically I can close the 100, 150, 200 with either hand, and the 250 with my right hand. I also have two of the Ironmind handgripper helpers.

Anybody recommend a basic training routine? Looking to get that 350 closed lol. Thanks for your time guys.


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