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Wrist Pain


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I recently did a few closes of the 3 after a long lay off. Now I seem to be having a decent amount of wrist pain. Yesterday I did some push press and the sides of my forearms and wrists hurt fairly badly so I stopped. I woke up this morning with aching in my wrists. I had this type of pain when I tried to get into bending a few years back. Any ideas of what type of injury this might be, or if it would just be soreness?

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sure. try putting your hands inside cold water with ice then change to hot water ... do this for a couple of sets (30 seg each time)repeat the process. its called contrasth(sp?) bath.

Do some exercice for the extensors: dextary balls and elastic bands.

work your wrist doing normal and reverse curls.

if u have one powerball do 7 mn each day:-)

best of luck.

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