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Gripmas Carol 2008


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2008 Gripmas Carol Entry Form

Grip Strength Competition

December 13, 2008

Location: Climber511’s Garage or other Crooksville Ohio Location

230 Burley St.

Crooksville, Ohio 43731

Contest starts at 10 AM. Be here by 9 please for weigh in and rules meeting

List of events are:

Grippers in Chokers at parallel – 3 attempts

Euro Pinch – 4 attempts

One Hand Olympic Bar DL – no hook grip – 3 attempts

Medley Event from Hades

Weaver Stick to Rear – 3 attempts

Entry Fee is $30 – make check out to Chris Rice.

Entry Deadline is November 20 – Entry is $50 on day of contest

Mail - with entry form – to

Chris Rice

230 Burley St.

Crooksville, Ohio 43731

The Columbus Airport is 1 hour and 20 minutes from my place. Hotels are available in Columbus coming in from the west and Zanesville from the east. A Google search is probably a better method than I am to find them. Mapquest etc seems to do a good job of getting you here but I will send directions to anyone who wants them. Please return this form and your check To Be In My Hands by Nov 20th – earlier if possible of course. I have to know early so I can make sure we have enough food etc.




State & Zip Code:


Grip board name:

Weight Class:

Lightweight is 207.9# and below – Open class is 208.0# and above. Anyone can choose to lift open class BEFORE the contest starts.

There will also be the normal – if I squeeze so hard my eyeballs pop out – I won’t sue form to sign when you get here.

Gripbash Scoring System

All weights calibrated for accuracy

Prizes of some kind for 1st thru 3rd Place in Each Division

Food and Drink furnished afterwards


We will draw numbers to determine the order of contestants in the non rising bar events.

Grippers – grippers are in chokers set at parallel. Place the gripper in your hand – at this point you can only touch the leg of the gripper that is nearest the thumb with the off hand – it’s already set – you can’t set it any more than it is – that’s the whole idea here. Take your off hand away and squeeze. Obviously you must make the handles touch for a good close. You get three attempts and you may go up or down in strength on your attempts.

Two Hands Pinch Lift (David Horne rules)

The width of the pinch apparatus is adjustable to suit different hand sizes, but to keep it within the spirit of a pinch lift the minimum width allowed is the 2 outer steel discs and 2 rubber spacer discs, a width of 24mm. Before the event starts, you will be given the opportunity to try it and find your best width. The smooth-sided, adjustable-width disc is held on a 2” thick metal rod by a pair of collars. Extra weights will be added to the outsides. The top of this is grasped with an overhand pinch grip (with no further than a 3” gap between the index fingers) and lifted until the end of the bar touches a horizontal stick placed at 16.5”, measured from the underside of the stick to the floor. There is no referee’s signal. You do not have to be erect upon completion. You must lower the weight under control. If the outer discs accidentally touch the stick before the bar itself, referee’s discretion will be used to judge whether the correct height was attained. Pinch gripping the discs using an unorthodox underhand grip will not be allowed.

Additional equipment rules: 1. The apparatus has to be loaded with the same number of discs on each side, in the same order, and has to weigh similar (max 1k tolerance between the total weight of the weights at the front, and weights at the rear). 2. The heaviest discs should be loaded nearest to the adjustable pinch discs themselves. 3. The spacer/collars that hold the inside adjustable discs together should be the same length. 4. The discs added should be smaller in height than the adjustable discs you grasp, so that the view of the lifters hands are not totally obscured, and the lift starts from the proper height.

Additional rules

4 attempts – rising bar. You must tell the judge if you’re doing a warm up or actual attempt BEFORE you do it. Weights will be added 10# at a time, starting with lowest called for weight. Largest plates used will be 25#.

One Hand Deadlift using an Olympic Bar (with no hook grip). David Horne Rules

The bar may either be raised in front of the lifter, or the lifter may straddle the bar. Hook gripping is not permitted. The free hand may be used to brace against the opposing leg. Foot spacing is optional, but may not change once the lift begins. Heels and toes may rise. The bar must be raised to a point where both ends of the bar are pulled to a height of mid knees or above and the legs must be straightened. The shoulders do not have to be pulled erect, nor the body straight as long as the legs are straight and the bar motionless with both ends above the knee joint. The lift ends with the referee's signal, and then you must lower the weight under control.

Three attempts – rising bar. Starting weight determined by lowest called for weight.

Medley – will be judged by the total number of stations completed. There will be two platform heights to load items onto. Some items will be lifted to lockout or completion possibly. You may try each station as many times as you wish within the time limit. Stations do NOT have to be done in order and are not laid out by difficulty. You may use either hand, just not both at once except on items that are set up for that. Time limit is to be determined.

Weaver Stick Lift to Rear (David Horne Rules)

George Russell Weaver popularized this wrist leverage test some 50 years ago whilst living in Brooklyn. A round stick (mop handle) is used which has the following dimensions – diameter about 1”, length 42”. Half an inch from one end cut a notch. Exactly 36” from the centre of this notch, circle the stick with a line. Get two metal right angles at a hardware store, and screw them into the top and bottom sides of the stick so that the rear edges of the right angles come exactly to the circled line. The topside of the stick is the side where the notch is cut. This leaves a handle just 5 ½” long.

The weight hangs from a wire in the notch ½” from the end, creating a leverage effect when you lift the stick by the handle. For the lift to the rear, you face away from the stick, grasping the handle with your little finger towards the weight, and lift the stick and weight off the table. You may bend your body forward as the lift is made.

The stick must be lifted approximately parallel to the floor. If the weighted end slopes downwards, you may carry on the event till the stick is level. You will then get the referees command to lower the stick. There must be no rocking of the stick on the table before lifting. The lifter hand and arm must remain free of the body. The heel of the hand must remain on top of the stick; if the hand twists around under the stick, the lift is not allowed. The grip has to be a normal grip with the thumb opposing the fingers.

For safety reasons, this event will allow the use of a wrist wrap. The wrist wrap should be no bigger than 12" x 3". The wrist wrap will be provided and will be the only acceptable wrap.

Three attempts – rising bar in small increments.

Please try to keep things moving along by being ready for your turn.

Gripbash or percentage scoring system. Example is Competitor

A lifts 100# - this equals 10 points

B lifts 90# - this equals 9 points

C lifts 65# - this equals 6.5 points

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