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Grip on reverse bench press crap...


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It seems to me that what I really need to do is build up my thumb strength.

Tried 50% of my 1RM on a reverse grip and never bothered trying to get the bar off the hooks - I was so worried my thumbs were going to give way and drop the bar on my forehead!

Anyone got any ideas for training the thumbs for reverse grip bench presses?

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Thick bar rack holds, reverse rim lifting, softball lifting, pinching, etc, etc.  Another member suggested to me that the reverse rim lifting (fingers on smooth side, thumb under the lip) would be an excellent thumb stabilizer.  I've tried it light and it's somewhat awkward, but would be an excellent thumb builder.

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I use a spotter to get the bar out of the rack for reverse grip benches.  Or, if lifting alone, I bring the bar down with a normal grip and then reverse it.  You could also try doing the lift in a power rack.

          I never saw thumb strength as a limiting factor in this lift.


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Try this: Put the bar in the crooks of the thumbs and do curls and/or presses.  You could also do benches in this manner but I wouldnt try it without a rack just to be safe.  I suppose you could also do shrugs or deadlifts in this manner but it would be a bit awkward.  These are some excellent exercises to increase thumb strength.  You could use a thick bar too but I have not, as of yet, had a chance to try this.  It could be interesting.  Hope this helps.-JW

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