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Hg 200 Is Dust

tight five

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1st week back full time using a gripper. Got the HG down to 3 sets of 15 set closes, 10 inverted and 10 sec negative

Will move on, as of tomorrow, to the HG 250. Once the 250 is dominated I may move across to a CoC. Using what I already have at the moment

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Just knocked out my first 'work' session with the HG250. Can close it twice on master hand and once on non-master so it will be something to work on.

The workout will be slightly lower volume this week to get used to the new gripper

Will be 2 sets of 3 set close attempts/2 inverted close attempts/negative for as long as I can hold it, done for each hand. Will step up the volume at the end of the week.

Always end the session with hot/cold hand soaks

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That's good that you can get 2 reps with it. Right now I'm frustrated with the 300. I can close it once but cannot rep it. If I could just get 1 more close in.... oh well, my goals for hand grips is to close it 3 times by around mid October. Hopefully I can meet that goal. Also, for some reason I couldn't close my 250 until I could do around 35 reps with the 200. Maybe I got a hard one? Anyways good luck, one day you'll be saying the 250 is easy. I never could have imagined myself doing 15+ reps with it, but time makes things happen :rock

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I like your approach. Congratulations

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