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Got My 1:st #4 In The Mail Today...

Captain Sam

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I just had to have one, to feel how hard it was, and HARD it was!!! :blink I onestly cant see my self ever closing this one, but i will try to prove myself wrong over the coming YEARS...

I also ordered two 3,5:s and they where also very hard, but they felt more possible.

I have the utmost respect for the guys that have closed these thugher than hell grippers, maybe they have made a deal whith the devil?

First things first, on with the struggle to ccs the #3! ill let you now how it goes...

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i felt the same way about the coc 2 when i ordered it first, but can now TNS it with my right. the 3 is quite a bit more daunting, but i KNOW ill close it one day, along with that 3.5. the 4...i wont be orderng anytime soon, simply because i know itll probably seem an impossible task. hide the no.4, and just work up slowly!

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I felt the inevitable futility when I got my 240, 260, #3, and hg350. Despite this, within a week if not immediately, from a deep set, I have made the handles touch and hold. Just don't let it beat you. I now have to work on wider sets...

Just be determined.

This said I have never tried a 4 and the impossibility factor is there for me too I think.

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The BC300 felt impossibly hard when I first got it. My dad figured I'd never be able to close it. 2 months later I'm doing a full close. Now the BC500 feels impossibly hard, but then again at least I could get the handles parallel in the 300 when I first got it, but I can hardly move the 500! lol

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