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Hey fellas

Rick Walker

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Decided to do a gripper mod today ala Tom Black.  I followed his instructions and talked via messages to get it right.

I used my BBE.  This may seem foolish to some for I am still trying to get certified on my #3-so why not use a #3?  Well-its simple-I dont have the money right now.  I had a BBE already and I fgured-hey, why the heck not.

I am a little under 3/4 of an inch from closing the BBE.  That is a LONG ways.  So, I bought the bolts and washers and had my father in law do the work for me.

A couple things I noticed.  First off-Tom states to use 40mm bolts.  These would have most likely worked on my #3, but sine the BBE is much harder-40mm wasnt even close.

The end result-60mm bolt and 22-count em' 22 washers a side.  I figure at absolute best-I should have her closed at regular length in 22 weeks-right?  I mean-loose one washer a week in length?  Ummm-probably not. :crazy

That adds a good 1.5 inches of handle extra-hard to set in my hand but I do believe it will do the trick.

Also talked to Bearcat-he said his modified #4 (though he only added an inch!) helped him a lot.

Since nothing-and I mean nothing, has been working this last month-it is time for a change.  I have trained 6 ays a week with strap holds, over crushes, using the scret weapon, atlas, you name it.  And I dont feel like I am progressing at all.  So-I plan to do the ole' 3X3 with each hand with this mod. gripper.  Each week, I will drop one washer, or file one in half, and go again-6 times a week-until I can close this SOB at normal length.  When that day comes-I will grab MY #3 and get certified.  Not until then-

Rick Walker :hehe

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I have trained 6 ays a week with strap holds, over crushes, using the scret weapon, atlas, you name it.
You're scaring me... :D Actually how long have you been training 6 days a week? Did you ever train less? I guess I'm asking how you came to a 6-days per week training schedule? Anyway, given your training dedication I'm sure you will continue to make progress.
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