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Ordering New Coc


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Some of you more experienced gripsters out there...

I have a #3 that I can CCS to a bit past parallel. It seems like it's going to be quite a while before I can close it, so I've decided to order a lesser CoC to train with in the meantime.

My grippers:

HG150 - weak, warm-up only

HG200 - was weak (72.5), buried the spring and filed it slightly. Much stronger now, but narrow span and still too weak.

#3 - 157.5# to close and about 125 to parallel, but I haven't been cross-checked and I've only measured in 2.5# increments.

Vice gripper - I like this thing, but I usually do my gripper workout when I'm sitting on the flight line with nothing else to do. Too bulky. I use it to test my progress.

I also do various other forearm/grip workouts at home.

My question is... How likely is it that I could close a #2.5? I know that putting 125# of force on my #3 doesn't necessarily mean I could close a 125# gripper, but do you realistically think I could?

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Alright, so I ordered a #2.5 and I can get it to ALMOST close. I mean less than an eighth of an inch. Another thing I noticed is that the spread is a good bit narrower than my #3, so it's easier to set. I finally have a goal gripper that is more realistic in the short-term.

I may actually get this thing closed within just a couple weeks. I haven't been using chalk. I tried it with chalk on Thursday and got it just as close as I did earlier that day in my gripper workout.

I've had a pretty tough week for forearms. I cut down, cut up, and split a tree (an oak, about 15" dia.) on Monday. Splitting an oak with a 2.5lb. chopping ax is not fun. Same day, I got my #2.5. Of course, I had to try it. Several times. Stupid. Thursday was my gripper work in the morning and a deadlifting/pullup/thickbar-row session in the PM. Plus a couple more attempts with chalk (dammit it SUCKS being so close). I think I'll cool it 'til next Wednesday and try it again, if I can stay away from it for that long.

I can hear it taunting me in my sleep.

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