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Bob lipinski style gripper training


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I am very close to closing my #2 with my right hand (~1/8") after several months training. As of Sunday, I have started training using Bob Lipinski's method, only I am training twice a day instead of once a week.

        Lipinski's system is to try and close the gripper for as many reps as you can manage in 40 min.  Since I can't close the #2, I am using the #1. So, I perform one set a minute starting with five reps with my right hand and three with my left. The last several sets I drop down to 3 reps right and 1 left. The current plan is 5 days on and two days off.

       The past couple of weeks I had been doing two workouts a day, doing one set of #1 closes (~15-20 reps) and 5 negatives with the #2 followed by three negatives with #3.


        I am not sure why Bob only does one workout a week, unless his other lifting takes too much away from his grip.


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Since then I have moved on to try other things, but that was basically the training I used up until I got certified to be a COC. Back then I was doing lots of heavy rack pulls, and I found too much grip training was bad for my deadlift grip.

I still use that type of workout on occassion, along with other grip training. Glad to hear you've had success with it.

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Thanks Bob.  I am going to stick with your system for the next several weeks, training with as much frequency as I can tolerate.  My main focus right now is grip (grippers, steel bending, and 2.5" dumbell dead lift), overheadpress and Bench.  I don't think I will be doing any significant deadlifting or squatting till spring.


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