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Goerner day


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I,m off to the gym in 5 minutes and to make it more interesting i'm going to challenge myself against one of the strongest men of all time ..Herman Goerner.

I've picked an assortment of his lifts from the book Goerner the Mighty and i'm going to try and beat them in one workout.

The lifts are:

1.The two hands deadlift using the index finger reverse style.

2.The same using the middle fingers.

3.The same using the two fingers from each hand.

4.One hand deadlift lifting on the first joint of the fingers.

5.Seated clean using 2 inch barbell (no leg movement)

6.Clean and jerk using 21/2 inch bar.

7.Reverse curl on 2 1/2 inch bar.

Next week i'm going to try Apollons lifts.

Why don't you try this with your favourites and see how you compare.Just a bit of fun and a good workout to boot !!


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Chris you are both Goerner and Apollon reborn into one mighty body! One of the strongest all around guys in the world. I am content to just resemble Apollon and think about what might have been. Dont forget to try and make it up to Staffordshire next year and show the English what grip strength is all about.


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Hello Robert,

It was a really good workout that resulted in a really deep ache in the forearms which is still there now.

Some of the exercise's i had not tried before and all were pperformed with an olympic bar,apart from where stated.

1.220 lb  2.264 lb  3.550 lb  4. 385 lb  5. 264 lb 6.320 lb 7.132 lb

I've had food poisoning since and have spent most of the time on the toilet or in bed and i bet i can't be far off 220lbs.What a way to lose weight !!

Thanks for asking


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If want to do a real challnging Goerner day, try to make to Columbia, MO in dec for the Herman Goerner Deadlift Dozen plus one.

Real fun event that really works on the hands.

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I would pay a lot to see a grip demonstration featuring Chris James, David Horne, Richard Sorin, Heath Sexton, Matt Graham and the Holle Brothers. What a line up ! And most of these people are here with us on this board. No wonder why the grip page is the home of so many COC.

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